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Experience the pinnacle of shower luxury with an impeccably designed wet room from Lunar Kitchens & Bathrooms. We seamlessly blend sleek aesthetics with unmatched functionality to create an indulgent shower experience that rivals even the most luxurious baths. In today's fast-paced world, we understand the value of a quick and invigorating morning shower and we believe it can be every bit as opulent.

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At Lunar Kitchens & Bathrooms, we specialise in designing and crafting bespoke wet rooms that offer a sense of freedom like no other.

Our wet room designs feature generously spacious open shower areas, transforming your bathroom into a stunning spa-like sanctuary. Whether you have a compact bathroom or ample space to spare, our sophisticated and clutter-free wet rooms are the perfect solution. They not only maximise every inch of your available space but also elevate your interior with a practical and stylish touch

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The understated elegance and minimalist aesthetics of a sophisticated wet room can be deceptively simple. Achieving such a flawless finish while also meeting the functional requirements of the design demands exceptional precision and unwavering attention to detail.

With our extensive experience in the art of designing and installing opulent wet rooms, you can place your trust in our highly skilled and professional team, which includes in-house designers, craftsmen, and fitters. We are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your bespoke interior is flawlessly executed.

Elevate Your Lifestyle with a Luxurious Wet Room – Benefit from Our Expertise & Experience in Richmond

Wet rooms have surged in popularity over the years, transforming the way we approach bathroom design and functionality. These sleek and modern spaces offer a range of advantages that can significantly enhance your daily life when expertly designed and fitted. Opting for a wet room from Lunar Kitchens & Bathrooms can be a game changer and some of the key benefits include:


Maximising Space Efficiency

Wet rooms optimise every inch of available space, making them ideal for both small and large bathrooms.

The absence of a traditional shower enclosure creates a sense of openness and spaciousness, making even compact bathrooms feel roomy.


Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The absence of shower curtains means there are fewer nooks and crannies for mould and mildew to hide

 The smooth, waterproof surfaces are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.


Accessibility and Universal Design

Wet rooms offer a barrier-free design, making them accessible for individuals with mobility challenges or the elderly.

They are also a perfect choice for households with varying needs, accommodating everyone comfortably.


Customisation and Personalisation

Professionally designed wet rooms provide endless possibilities for personalisation, from tile choices to layout and fixtures.

Our design team can tailor the wet room to match your unique style and preferences, ensuring it complements your home seamlessly.


Enhanced Aesthetics

Wet rooms exude a modern and minimalist aesthetic that can instantly elevate the overall look of your bathroom.

The sleek design and high-end finishes create a spa-like atmosphere, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine.


Improved Property Value

A well-designed wet room can significantly enhance the resale value of your home, attracting potential buyers with its modernity and functionality.


Water Efficiency

Wet rooms are often equipped with efficient fixtures, reducing water consumption and contributing to a more eco-friendly home.


Versatile Usage

Wet rooms can serve a variety of purposes beyond showering, such as a multi-functional space for bathing, a complete family bathroom or even bathing pets.


Health Benefits

The reduced risk of mould and mildew in wet rooms can contribute to a healthier indoor environment, particularly beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues.


Professional Installation

Hiring our experienced professionals ensures that your wet room is built to the highest standards, minimising the risk of leaks or structural issues.

Similar to our approach with traditional bathroom interiors, our stunning wet rooms are meticulously tailored to complement your home, align with your lifestyle and reflect your unique tastes. Within our repertoire, you'll discover an exquisite array of tiles, splashbacks, furniture and accessories. Our team of exceptionally skilled and creative designers will be by your side to guide you through the process of making the perfect selections.

Starting with your initial design consultation, we'll invest the time to deeply understand your requirements, preferences and dislikes. We employ cutting-edge CAD software to transform your vision into a tangible reality. The exceptional quality of our carefully chosen products ensures that your final wet room will not only match but surpass your initial design expectations, leaving you with a truly breathtaking bathroom space.

Why Choose Lunar Kitchens & Bathrooms for a  Wet Room in Richmond

Most of our work comes from personal recommendation by existing customers, which is a testament to our level of service and workmanship.

Our clients benefit from a skilled team with a track record of integrity and professionalism. All our wet room design, renovation and installation services are of high quality and cost effective.

With public liability insurance, competitive prices and our guarantees, we remain the preferred bathroom fitters in Richmond.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality luxury wet room solutions.

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  • Full installation and refurbishment services
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  • Highly recommended
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